Below is the complete feature set of the “Invoicing with InvoiceXpress for WooCommerce” WordPress plugin, on it’s Pro and Free versions.

Invoicing with InvoiceXpress
for WooCommerce
Technical support×
Issue Invoices
Issue Simplified invoices
Issue Invoice-receipts×
Issue Credit notes×
Issue Credit notes (for partial refunds)×
Issue Quotes×
Issue Proforma invoices×
Issue Delivery notes×
Issue Return delivery notes×
Comply with new B2C distance sales EU VAT rules×
Manual issuing of documents
Automatic issuing of documents×
Automatic documents scheduling×
Choose order status for automatic issuing×
Fix pending actions on the InvoiceXpress API×
Leave documents as Draft on InvoiceXpress×
Invoicing with mixed VAT taxes on the same document
Automatic Invoice/Guide linking on InvoiceXpress×
Documents on My Account×
Update order status when issuing documents×
Send documents via email
Send documents using the InvoiceXpress API for better performance×
Send documents via email with Bcc to secondary address×
Send Delivery notes directly to the warehouse or the dropshipping supplier×
Custom emails per document type
Issue documents in Portuguese, English or Spanish×
Choose default documents sequence×
Choose documents sequence per order×
Shipping warehouse address and license plate×
Issue Guides with or without values×
Product reference on InvoiceXpress based on WooCommerce SKU or ID
WooCommerce order item meta on the InvoiceXpress item description×
VAT field on the checkout
WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant (by Aelia) integration - deprecated×
EU VAT Number (by WooCommerce) integration×
WooCommerce European (EU, UK, etc.) VAT / IVA Compliance integration - experimental×
Automatic VAT exemption on B2B inside the European Union×
Issue documents with VAT exemption (Article 53 and others)
Set unit as Product or Service for SAF-T×
Prevent issuing of incorrect documents if non-standard coupons are used×
Try to avoid creating duplicate customers on InvoiceXpress×
Prevent issuing of documents for non-standard orders×
WPML/WooCommerce Multilingual integration for multilingual stores×
WooCommerce Subscriptions compatible×
Bulk licensing for several stores-
Automatic updates
WooCommerce 3.0.0 and above compatible
PHP 7 and above compatible
Developer hooks (WordPress actions and filters)
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You can choose to pay yearly or buy a lifetime license.

LicensePer yearLifetime
Single license
for one shop
Optional initial remote setup: 50€ (VAT included)
72.00 €270.00 €
Dual license (2 websites)
perfect for staging + production
115.00 €
57.50 € per website
20% discount
432.00 €
216.00 € per website
20% discount
Business license (5 websites)
if you run several shops
216.00 €
43.20 € per website
40% discount
810.00 €
162.00 € per website
40% discount
Developer license (10 websites)
perfect for agencies
360.00 €
36.00 € per website
50% discount
1,350.00 €
135.00 € per website
50% discount
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Does this fee include the InvoiceXpress service?

No. This is just an integration between WooCommerce and the InvoiceXpress API. You need to subscribe to the InvoiceXpress service (20% discount with this link) in addition to buying this plugin.

Can I try the PRO version before buying it?

Yes. Head to our plugin shop and click on the “Launch a demo at InstaWP” button.

Why is there an annual renewal fee?

Short answer: sustainability!

To actually be useful, a plugin must offer continued development, updates, and technical support.

It’s not financially viable to keep up with WordPress and WooCommerce constant updates without a steady flux of income.

Invoicing is a critical part of a business. It shouldn’t be entrusted to software without a continued and clear development path and updates, and that won’t provide proper technical support.

You’re not forced to renew your license. Your Pro plugin will keep working with all the features intact, but you won’t have access to updates or technical support, and it may break on a future WordPress or WooCommerce update.

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