Tax exemptions

We are not accountants and NONE of the information provided below is fiscal advice. You need to contact your account and it’s your responsibility to set the tax settings correctly and according to your business specifications.

– Why am I getting an “Order needs tax exemption motive” or an “This automatic invoice was not created, or will not be created, because there is no exemption motive” error?

Your order has at least one item/fee/shipping line without a tax rate applied to it, which means InvoiceXpress will see it as exempt from VAT and, legally, you need to provide the valid exemption motive for that invoice.

Most of the time this is due to incorrect configuration, like setting the shipping fees as not taxable, but if you believe you are, indeed, exempt from charging VAT, you need to set the correct exemption motive in WooCommerce > InvoiceXpress > Taxes > Tax exemption motive.

– I’m setting the shipping fees as not taxable and getting the “exemption motive” error when issuing a document. How can I fix it?

Are you sure you are allowed to NOT charge VAT on the shipping fees? This is a common mistake.

From the perspective of several accountants contacted by us and our clients, only the universal post provider (in Portugal) is allowed to exempt the fee from VAT when charging it to their client (you, the shop owner). When the shop invoices that fee (be it the same value or not), it is not considered a universal post service, thus VAT is due to be charged.

Delivery guides

– How can I include the “AT Code” on my delivery guides?

You need to go to WooCommerce > InvoiceXpress Pro > Delivery and Return guides and set “Get AT Code” to “Delayed 1 minute” and activate “Delay email”.

This will schedule a task on the WordPress cron system to get the AT Code from InvoiceXpress one minute after the delivery guide is issued, and only after successfully doing that will the document be sent via email.

Please be aware that if for some reason, InvoiceXpress is unable to get the AT Code from the Tax Authority, this will fail and the delivery guide will not be automatically sent by email, and you need to send it manually.

To use this feature you need to assure that the WordPress cron system is running perfectly.


– Why aren’t my discounts showing up in the invoice?

The discounts on InvoiceXpress are very limited in the way they can be applied (only a percentage on the item level). On the contrary, in WooCommerce, there are literally infinite ways of applying discounts, based on the core coupon types or plugins that can create new kinds of coupons or complex discounts.

Because there’s no way to directly translate the applied discounts from the WooCommerce order to the InvoiceXpress document, the only way to get a document with the same final value is to create it with the final values, after discounts.

We do not plan on changing this behavior because of the technical reasons mentioned above.