Document sequences

Default sequence

Select the invoicing sequence, from InvoiceXpress, that you want to use.

You can use the default sequence or create one specifically for this store on your InvoiceXpress account > Settings > Sequences.

Sequence selection

Check this option if you want to be able to override the default sequence each time you issue a manual document for an order.

Normally this is not recommended.

Email and PDF files

PDF file method

Choose the method to retrieve and send the documents PDF files to the customer.

Bcc all emails to

Type an email address to receive all invoicing documents on Bcc.

This can be useful if you need to automatically send the documents to your accountant, for example.


Product code

Select where we should get the InvoiceXpress product code from. We recommend SKU.

You don’t need to create your products (Items) on InvoiceXpress. The plugin will take care of this for you.

Documents entity

Select which field should be used for the name on your documents: Company or First name + Last name.

If you’re a developer, you can use the invoicexpress_woocommerce_document_client_name filter to manipulate the name used on the document, by using your own logic to determine where to get the name from.

Documents language

Sets the language used to issue documents on InvoiceXpress.

If you’re a developer, you can use the invoicexpress_woocommerce_document_language filter to manipulate the language based on your own rules.

Document cancelation

Check this option if you want to be able to cancel the last issued document.

This is only valid for documents in the “final” state. Already paid invoices must be refunded in order to cancel the document. You must set a cancelation motive for Invoices and Guides on the corresponding settings tab.

Leave documents as Draft

Check this option if you don’t want to finish the documents and instead leave them as Draft.

This is not recommended because you’ll have to finish the documents on InvoiceXpress and options like setting documents as paid or sending them via email will not work. Documents will also not be available to download directly on the website.

Prevent issuing with non-standard coupons

Check this option if you want to prevent documents to be created for orders that contain non-standaed WooCommerce coupon types.

This is recommended if you use coupons that create a discount on the order total, like gift certificates, which can cause documents to end up with incorrect values, because InvoiceXpress cannot add discounts at the total level (only at the product level).

If you’re a developer, you can use the  invoicexpress_woocommerce_allowed_coupon_types filter to allow additional coupon types.

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