General taxes settings

Portuguese company

Check this option only if your business has a Portuguese VAT number and it’s a company or a similar VAT passive subject.

Default tax

Tax to use, by default, when generating documents. This will also change your default tax on InvoiceXpress.

Tax exemption

On B2B transactions inside the EU, the exemption (Artigo 14.º do RITI) will only be applied if you install and correctly configure WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant by Aelia.

This is currently only supported for sellers that are Portuguese companies. If your company is based on another EU country, and you need to automatically apply the exemption for B2B transactions, please contact us so we can find a solution for you.

Tax exemption motive

You should set a Tax exemption motive if your business is exempt from taxes.

Tax exemption name

This should be the 0% tax name defined on your InvoiceXpress account (probably “Isento”, for Portuguese accounts).


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