This is a beta feature and this section will only be available if your company is Portuguese (as set on Settings > Taxes).

Initial considerations

VAT MOSS invoices support is experimental and we do not currently provide technical support on this feature.

DO NOT activate this option before consulting with your accountant, making sure you are required to issue VAT MOSS invoices and your company is already registered on the MOSS portal.

VAT MOSS invoices should only be issued for digital products sold to end consumers in the EU (except those in your country).

You are responsible for setting the correct taxes on both InvoiceXpress and WooCommerce, making sure digital products are charged with the correct VAT rate based on the customer’s billing address. If you have both physical and digital products, you need to make sure the VAT of physical products is charged based on the default rules (most of the times based on the shop address), and that no order contains both physical and digital products because we do not support issuing two invoices on the same order.

Again: you need to make sure the order has the correct VAT rates on checkout based on the cart. InvoiceXpress and the plugin will NOT do that for you.

VAT MOSS settings

Issue VAT MOSS invoice

Check this option if you want to allow the issuing of VAT MOSS invoices on the order edit screen, or automatically (if enabled).

Automatic VAT MOSS invoicing will happen if you set up Automatic invoicing on Settings > Invoices and Credit notes.

The way automatic invoicing will work, if activated, is as follows:

  • The order is checked for its contents and details:
    • Is it NOT VAT exempt? (which may indicate it’s a B2B order within the EU)
    • Is the billing country within the EU VAT zone and not the same as the store?
    • Are all the order products virtual?
  • If all requirements are in place, the VAT MOSS invoice will be issued.
  • If any requirements fail, the document type set for automatic invoicing will be issued.

VAT MOSS sequence

VAT MOSS invoices need a specific and exclusive sequence created on InvoiceXpress. You cannot use the default sequence.

Email VAT MOSS invoice

Check this option to automatically send the VAT MOSS invoice to the client, via email, after it is issued.

The email fields work exactly the same way as the ones for Invoices, explained here.